Glitter shoes

OK, I shall confes! I have been lusting over these Topshop glitter shoes for a long long time now.

They retailed for 80 pounds and sold out in a heartbeat.

They also came in grey-ish/silver and ‘navy’ :

(photo: thelovecatsinc)

I’ve been searching on eBay like forever, and they only come for BIN like 130 pounds and such! And the black hardly ever pop up… it’s mostly the grey/silver that people eBay.

I’m not gonna pay that for 80 pounds shoes that I wont even wear that often as they stand out so much!

Then my lovely friend Ellen pointed me in the right direction telling me that ShoeLine stores and also online ( got look alikes in! In 3 glittery (silver/disco-ish, black and gold) colours and leopard!

The webshop offers free shipping and free returns and these beautifull glittery boots were only 59,95 euro!

I ordered the black ones! I hope they arrive before the weekend so I can make a little dance on them! People told me the shoes are too disco-y but with the black glittery boots you can’t go wrong, as they will give it an extra rock ‘n roll vibe!


When they come in the mail I shall make a post about it!


Second post

Well, I should have done this earlier on… My second post took a while. Why?

Dont really know, maybe I was scared to write? Didn’t really know what to write?

Now I dont know it either, but I felt I had to write something!

I’m thinking of things I wanna write about in the future.


*larger sized womens clothing




*crafting/DIY/being creative


and so much more!

But that will come in the next couple of weeks!

Its my goal to write at least once a week here, maybe more often!

So lets keep that coming!

Write to you next time!