eBay, you love it or you hate it. Mostly I do both! I love to buy there, it’s cheap, easy, loads of abroad stuff available, especially from brands that don’t sell here in the Netherlands. But I also hate it, as it costs me loads of money, I always find something to buy, there is always something cheap. And with paypal, its soooooo easy! There it goes, from my creditcard and I don’t feel it. Well not, untill a month later, when the bill shows up on my doorstep. Smiling at me, telling me what i’ve bought and what i shoudn’t have. I haven’t checked it in a while now, but that’s because i’ve just visited London with my friend Mieke and shopped a hell of a lot there. Too much probably, as my creditcard bill is not smiling at me yet. Waiting to come home and finding it at my doorstep, telling me what I did do with it in London.

The things I mostly buy on eBay are my favourite brands.

Vans, always get them online, as I find them way overpriced here in the Dutch stores.


Pearl Lowe for Peacocks. The collab is over, but gorgeous dresses with a gorgeous fit, for good prices online.


But my most favourite brand is Collectif. They have an Ebay shop that sells left overs, faulty items, but also ‘normal’ items for super reduced prices and you can always find a good deal there. With hardly any Dutch shops selling this brand, and the ones who do, for outragious prices. I mostly turn to eBay or their own store.

Ebay: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/collectif_clothing?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Online store: http://www.collectif.co.uk/