Ok, mijn eerste blog maar weer sinds tijden. En ik zal proberen nu vaker te updaten. Niet dat ik veel volgers heb, maar ook meer voor mezelf, omdat mijn leven zo op zn kop staat!


Waarom? Ik heb ontslag genomen! WOW grote stap. Ja, erg grote stap. Ik heb met veel plezier 7.5 jaar lang bij mijn vorige werkgever gewerkt en om dat op te gaan geven is best heftig. Maar ik was niet meer blij op mijn werk, dus 7,5 jaar met plezier is dus ook niet helemaal waar. De laatste 7 of 8 maanden vond ik het niet meer leuk, ging met een rot gevoel naar mijn werk. Na veel praten met mijn vriend de beslissing genomen om ermee te stoppen. En om samen met mijn vriendin Natalie een droom na te jagen, een fotostudio op te zetten.


En daar zit ik nu dus midden in. Die fotostudio op zetten! Vrijdag naar de Kamer van Koophandel geweest, morgen komt de accountant, woensdag gaan we naar Ikea en donderdag een rekening openen op de bank. Heel spannend en leuk, en eng… Ook echt heel eng. Want we leven nu op het salaris van mijn vriend. Dat gaat, maar niet zo luxe als we altijd hebben gedaan op een 2 persoons fulltime salaris. (dat is logisch en vooral erg wennen). Dat is ook niet erg, want ik ga mijn droom proberen na te jagen, om wat ik eigelijk na de kunstacademie had moeten doen, nu 8 jaar later wel te gaan doen.


Maar die 8 jaar werkervaring in de retail heeft natuurlijk ook z’n voordelen. Ik heb heel veel geleerd, leuke mensen leren kennen en ervaring opgedaan. Ervaring die ik nu ook kan gebruiken in mijn eigen bedrijf!

Er zullen nog wel heel wat blogjes volgen over mijn eigen bedrijf, dat is nu toch mijn grootste inspiratie! En ook blogjes over behind the scènes en dat soort dingen die bij een fotoshoot komen kijken. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden en met plezier zullen lezen!

-xxx- Bonny




eBay, you love it or you hate it. Mostly I do both! I love to buy there, it’s cheap, easy, loads of abroad stuff available, especially from brands that don’t sell here in the Netherlands. But I also hate it, as it costs me loads of money, I always find something to buy, there is always something cheap. And with paypal, its soooooo easy! There it goes, from my creditcard and I don’t feel it. Well not, untill a month later, when the bill shows up on my doorstep. Smiling at me, telling me what i’ve bought and what i shoudn’t have. I haven’t checked it in a while now, but that’s because i’ve just visited London with my friend Mieke and shopped a hell of a lot there. Too much probably, as my creditcard bill is not smiling at me yet. Waiting to come home and finding it at my doorstep, telling me what I did do with it in London.

The things I mostly buy on eBay are my favourite brands.

Vans, always get them online, as I find them way overpriced here in the Dutch stores.


Pearl Lowe for Peacocks. The collab is over, but gorgeous dresses with a gorgeous fit, for good prices online.


But my most favourite brand is Collectif. They have an Ebay shop that sells left overs, faulty items, but also ‘normal’ items for super reduced prices and you can always find a good deal there. With hardly any Dutch shops selling this brand, and the ones who do, for outragious prices. I mostly turn to eBay or their own store.

Ebay: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/collectif_clothing?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Online store: http://www.collectif.co.uk/

Glitter shoes

OK, I shall confes! I have been lusting over these Topshop glitter shoes for a long long time now.

They retailed for 80 pounds and sold out in a heartbeat.

They also came in grey-ish/silver and ‘navy’ :

(photo: thelovecatsinc)

I’ve been searching on eBay like forever, and they only come for BIN like 130 pounds and such! And the black hardly ever pop up… it’s mostly the grey/silver that people eBay.

I’m not gonna pay that for 80 pounds shoes that I wont even wear that often as they stand out so much!

Then my lovely friend Ellen pointed me in the right direction telling me that ShoeLine stores and also online (http://www.shoeline.nl) got look alikes in! In 3 glittery (silver/disco-ish, black and gold) colours and leopard!

The webshop offers free shipping and free returns and these beautifull glittery boots were only 59,95 euro!

I ordered the black ones! I hope they arrive before the weekend so I can make a little dance on them! People told me the shoes are too disco-y but with the black glittery boots you can’t go wrong, as they will give it an extra rock ‘n roll vibe!


When they come in the mail I shall make a post about it!

Second post

Well, I should have done this earlier on… My second post took a while. Why?

Dont really know, maybe I was scared to write? Didn’t really know what to write?

Now I dont know it either, but I felt I had to write something!

I’m thinking of things I wanna write about in the future.


*larger sized womens clothing




*crafting/DIY/being creative


and so much more!

But that will come in the next couple of weeks!

Its my goal to write at least once a week here, maybe more often!

So lets keep that coming!

Write to you next time!

First one!

Ok, so here it goes!

Here it is, my first blog, ever! I thought about it alot, had people talk to me about it alot…
And now, well, its finally here!

Why? Well I think my style is diffrent then most ‘blogger’bloggers… Not that i have anything against them, but im just not that fashionable, i am in my own littl way! But not trendsetting fashionable!
I think im more of a rock/rockabilly kinda gal, and would like to share that with my world!

Second, im not model thin! I am me, and thats a curvy kinda girl! And thats also something else, cause a lot of bloggers you see around these days are skinny minnies… nothing wrong with that, its just not me! And im a littl diffrent! LOL!